About us

A company with many years of experience

CHEMISTIK company is a producer and supplier of adhesives for both: consumer and industrial market. The beginnings of our activity date back to 1988, when we started the production of cyanoacrylate monomers and launched on the market one of the first cyanoacrylate adhesives accessible in Poland, which is currently known as the brand Cyanopan.

Wide offer

Catching up with increasing market needs we have extended our product line by adding numerous new products, among others, specialist industrial adhesives by Three Bond company and dosage equipment by Techcon Systems as well as industrial robots by Janome. Cooperation with the abovementioned partners allows us to offer, apart from a wide range of industrial adhesives and applicators, also industrial robots with dozing.

Operating on international market

We are present on many European markets under our own label as well as products “private label” produced to order of our contractors. We also render such services as blistering and packaging liquids and pastes into tubes, bottles and other packages required by the customer. Our rich experience and qualified, competent staff guarantee high quality of the products still keeping competitive prices.

Our cooperators

Supplier of world class solutions as to precise dosing of liquids, pastes and wide range of accessories, such as: syringes, dosing units, small pistons, etc.

Please see Polish website or directly the website of Techcon Systems.



Japanese producer of high quality desktop and SCARA industrial robots used for various purposes such as: dosing liquids and pastes, selective soldering, screwing in bolts, “pick and place, and many others.

Please see Polish website or the website of Janome Japan.




One of the most well-known Japanese producers of adhesives and seals as well as other substances used in industry.

Please see Polish website or the website of ThreeBond Japan.




The products under the label of Chemistik System are accessible in many countries, mostly on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. We recommend to contact our office in order to obtain detailed information.

EU grants

Purchase of technology line for packing 1-gram glue as the reply to market demand, which has significantly contributed to the development of the company Przedsiębiorstwo CHEMISTIK M.Gadaj B.Draczyński S.J.

Environmental policy

We are aware that our business activities and ourselves have an impact on the environment.

We strive to make rational use of natural resources such as water, air or energy and, where possible, reduce their consumption.

We optimise the use of raw and other materials for production.

All employees are committed to pro-ecological waste management ensuring that waste is segregated, reused or disposed of in accordance with legal requirements.

Our Policy is based on applicable legislation and the personal commitment of all Chemistik staff.

The highest quality

The highest quality of our services is confirmed by the certificate we have received: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Management System Certificate ISO 9001-2015
Management System Certificate ISO 9001-2015